Jeena’s World of
digital solutions

Our advanced technology provides supply chain agility and improved
usability highlights the success of our digital platform

What is Jeena’s World of Digital Solutions?

Jeena’s World of digital solutions is an initiative that sees us embracing, developing and adopting new and
emerging technologies, and exploring how we can Transform, Lead and Adapt to those who allow us to offer
our partners and customers the very best in new digital solutions.

Jeena recognizes the importance of
innovative technologies

such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Dashboard
with Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Portal Technologies and Mobile
enabled offerings.

As the logistics Industry will transform its product offering, we strive to
remain innovative and absorbed in the latest developments for the sole
benefit of our customers.

With this in mind,

We have started work on the path of Jeena’s digitization with the value for business that will create Product Innovation, Quicker time to Market, Faster Reach and Accurate Tracking.

We strongly believe and engage with Innovation in Technology.

Start-ups lead with a lot of transformative and disruptive offerings. We aim to partner and engage with them in order to bring ground-breaking innovative products to the industry and to our customers.

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